Before Jennifer Calvin Coolidge was Tanya McQuoid on The lotus or Paulette Bonafonté in de jure Blonde, she was "Stifler's Mom" in American Pie.

And, in keeping with Calvin Coolidge herself, viewers were drawn to the actor each on and offscreen.

"You know, I got a great deal of play at being a MILF and that i got a great deal of sexual action from American  Pie," 

she aforementioned in an exceedingly video for Variety's latest cowl story. 

"There were numerous advantages to doing that moving picture.  

I mean, there would be like two hundred folks that I would've ne'er had slept with."

Coolidge, 60, contends the mother of the individual (Seann William Scott) within the 1999 moving picture and its sequels 

including American  Pie two (2001), American  Wedding (2003) and American  Reunion (2012).

In fact, Calvin Coolidge aforementioned she's most recognized for her roles in American  Pie and de jure Blonde, noting it's "kind of a 50/50 issue